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October 2009 - SCBWI Ventura/Santa Barbara Writer's Day Most Promising Manuscript Award in the picture book category for I Wished For Persimmon Pudding and Mama Got Bees.
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2006-2007 - Volunteer State Award Nominee for Up, Up, Up! It's Apple Picking Time (Holiday House, 2003)

2006 - Jody Shapiro was presented the Dorothy C. McKenzie Award for Distinguished Contribution to the Field of Children's Literature by the Children's Literature Council of Southern California. 

2002 - Jody Shapiro was the first children's bookseller to receive the Charles S. Haslam Award for Excellence in Bookselling.


Up, Up, Up! It's Apple Picking Time
(Holiday House, 2003) Ages 4-8

Publishers Weekly
This satisfying tale celebrates not only apples but all the cozy trappings of fall. On a crisp, cool morning a family drives to the grandparents' "apple ranch," where they help with the harvest. Harvill (Jack and the Animals) captures the simple pleasures of this special visit in cut-paper collages, using different techniques to color the various papers. Characters' faces, for example, have drawn-on features, while the apples and the orchard emerge from lushly painted papers, with overlapping brushstrokes of varying greens, yellows, pinks and reds creating dimension and movement. Shapiro, owner of a California children's bookstore, ably conveys a sense of family togetherness and love, from the boy narrator who enjoys the warmth of his sister as she sleeps against his shoulder in the car, to the grandmother who proudly tells the customers, " `These are the grandkids come to help.' She almost sings the words." Later, the family feasts on apple dumplings and dances to Grandpa's old jazz records, while the boy lies near the crackling fire, basking in the joy of "watching everyone being happy." Ages 4-8. (Sept.) Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

Jean Boreen, Ph.D. - Children's Literature
The perfect "let's get ready for fall" book, this charming picture book tells the story of Myles' experience picking and selling apples at his grandparents' apple farm. However, Shapiro also goes one step further and provides a delightful picture of a young family's interactions with their grandparents, people I would like to see more often in literature in general. I appreciated the fact that Shapiro did not use a rhyming format to present this topic, as the sentence variations and word choices provided a "real-life" aspect to the book that feels appropriate for an activity that some readers may know well, but that others are experiencing for the first time through this text. Kitty Harvill's vivid illustrations provide a warm backdrop to Shapiro's friendly-sounding text; indeed, phrases like "apple smell-apple perfume," "the apple is cool and crunchy and sweet," and "before you can say "McIntosh-Granny Smith-Golden Delicious-Pippin pie" inspire readers to head for the refrigerator and find a Granny Smith of their own. 2003, Holiday House, Ages 4 to 8.

Kirkus Reviews
Apple-themed disquisitions for younger readers tend to be set in the Northeast or Midwest, but Shapiro draws on personal experiences in California to give this one a different slant. Up at sunrise, a family piles into the car for the half-day trip to Grandma and Grandpa's canyon "apple ranch." After picking up windfalls for cider, and climbing ladders to pick Granny Smiths, Red and Gold Delicious, Winter Bananas, Macintosh, and "a few stray Gravensteins," all return to the house for Pippin pie, then, next day open up a busy roadside stand. Shapiro laces her narrative with evocations of that heavenly taste and smell, and caps it with a yummy-looking recipe for microwave-baked apples. Using painted-paper collage to create a wide range of surface textures and artfully blended colors, Harvill sandwiches scenes of smiling figures amid lush, rough-barked trees between endpapers dotted with common apple varieties. A perfect dessert after Gibbons's Apples (2000) or another of the plethora of informational titles. (Picture book. 5-7)


Reviews for Family Lullaby (Greenwillow, 2007)
Ages: Newborn-4

Publishers Weekly
Given the many people who love and nurture a newborn, this picture book is a deserving testament to the extended family at the core of a child's universe. Shapiro's (Up, Up, Up! It's Apple-Picking Time) singsong text consists of simple, short verses that detail each family member's designated role in baby's life, followed by the repeated anthem "We all love Baby. Yes we do!" Whether it's mommy feeding baby a bottle or grandpa giving a piggy-back ride, each job is unique, yet shares the common thread of doing everything humanly possible to make baby happy. Felstead (Big Wolf and Little Wolf) depicts these caregivers at work in separate circles, drawing readers' eyes to each person, one by one. The text adheres to a steady pattern and rhythm-youngsters will relish the repetition. By story's end, it's no wonder that the "sleepy family" members all have their eyes shut tight. The final page, showing a satisfied and beaming baby, summarizes the result of all their hard work-and the goal of any new parent. Ages 0-4. (May)
Copyright 2007 Reed Business Information

Kirkus Reviews
Repeated words and design create a lullaby to family love. "We all love Baby. Yes we do." Calm, smiling family members all love Baby a lot. On the left of each page, circles frame (portrait-style) the cut-paper collages of two people who show how they love Baby. Like lapel buttons for presidential campaigns, these show the important people in Baby's life. From Mommy feeding Baby to Daddy burping Baby to hip Grandpa sporting a front baby carrier, the world revolves around this young one. There are patty-cakes, piggybacks and snuggles and the always-smiling baby soaking up love and attention. Small, colored circles float like bubbles on the right-hand page to accompany the bouncy, cheerleader-like refrain. One can imagine Baby bouncing on reader's knee as an accompanying activity to the reading, which will surely take place over and over again. (Picture book. 0-3)

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